On your phone, double tap or click on "Start Video" to see the piece and "Stop Video" to stop the video.

Please use the buttons below the piece to use more specific controls. Please note that "►❙❙ All Effects" will play all effects and that "Stop Effects" will stop all effects.

The video functionality for this piece may not work correctly for iPhone or iPad users due to limitations of the Safari browser (and derivative browsers). In this case, please click on the "Start" button and click "Allow" when you are prompted to allow the video functionality. Afterwards, your unfiltered video will show up. When you see yourself in an acceptable pose, please close the video prompt. The creative overlay should show up on top of your photo with a play button overlayed as well. Now, you may take a screenshot or screen recording of your likeness under the creative overlay as part of the piece.

Disclaimer: No data is collected or used by starting or stopping a video feed of your webcam.